Have you ever had a crazy idea? Idea about something that was not existing at the moment, but something you became so passionate about, that it had to be materialized?
That's what happened to me, so I made one, and named it  Streeter.
Then it happened again,
                                             and again,
                                                                   and again...
And now there is a family of urban scooters.




My name is Vladimir Bosnjak or just Vlado for my friens. I work as an airline pilot for Croatian national carrier Croatia Airlines but aside of flying I have interests and skils in industrial design, CAD, mechanics, electronics, programming, crafting and prototyping. I am allways working on something, and my every project motivates me to learn new skills and to improve those I mastered. 


Development of S3TRs was my most challenging work so far but also most inspiring and most satisfying.




Marina Getaldica 5

10410 Velika Gorica, CROATIA

Tel: +385 91 446 47 18

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